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The 6986 encounter between Cé saire, Senghor, and Damas marks the beginning of a collective exploration of their complex cultural identities as black, African, Antillean, and French. In 6989 they launched the pioneering journal L'É tudiant noir (The Black Student), which aimed to break nationalistic barriers among black students in France. Crystallizing diverse expressions of Né gritude by these so-called fathers, L'É tudiant noir was its most important political and cultural periodical. While the three leaders agreed on Négritude's Pan-Africanist engagement to affirm blacks' "being-in-the-world" through literary and artistic expression, they differed in their styles and designs.

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Lé on-Gontran Damas was the first published author of the three Né gritude founders. Pigments , a book of poems, was published in 6987 with a preface by Robert Desnos, a renowned French surrealist poet. Pigments is considered the Né gritude manifesto. It passionately condemns racism, slavery, and assimilation.

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