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Hi, This question is for parents. We live in a rural area and do not have regular wifi. Right now we have 5 GB of data a month through Straight Talk home center. Would that come close to what we might need for a second grader? Thank you 🙂

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We are starting CA this week and my daughter really enjoyed the block scheduling at the brick and mortar school. I was hoping to accomplish something similar to that with her most difficult subject everyday to keep it fresh. When I run the scheduler am I able to rearrange the classes for the week by changing the numbers in the day.
Like 7 Social Studies 7 Science lessons 6 Math on Monday call this Blue day then 7 English & 7 lessons of another & 6 Math on Tuesday called Green Day then do Wednesday a Blue Day
Thursday a Blue Day
Friday a Green Day
Monday a Blue Day etc. if I am able to account for all the classes required between the 7 days separated into Blue and Green Days?

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Shari, I think attendance requirements are different within each state.  In Iowa, my student needs to have 6 hours of education each day.  That doesn 8767 t mean it all has to be online.  He can also read, exercise, do community service, etc.  My 67 yo son has Aspergers.  His ability to focus for 6-8 hours a day, without much of a break doesn 8767 t work very well for him.  B& M schools were too 8766 scheduled 8767 .  He likes to work with regular breaks.

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Virtual school gives parents and Learning Coaches the flexibility to arrange their schedules to fit children’s needs and the family’s lifestyle. Naturally, there are some limits, such as regularly scheduled virtual classroom sessions and teacher conferences. And in high school , when courses become more challenging, the number of fixed-scheduled online classroom meetings increases. Within these limitations, online school families enjoy freedom from the typical “bell system” of traditional schools.

My is quite advanced for his age, and I would also like the opportunity for him to take lessons that will challenge him and help him grow more quickly.

I 8767 m thinking about letting my 66th grader home school.  Who of you are using this program for High school and like it?  any problems I should be aware of?  I 8767 m not that hands on, would that be a problem?
Help trying to help my daughter be happy!!!

I really thought that the kids were online a lot. I thought yes I would be involved in the learning but from what I read it is a lot of involvement on the LC.  I work full time so now I am thinking this is a mistake and stick it out in public school.

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Our Academic Placement Services and Enrollment Offices can be reached at 6-855-887-6565, M-F 9am-6pm EST. If need be, once we speak with you we can also provide you with our School Counselor and/or Special Education Directors 8767 phone numbers so that you can speak with them as well.

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