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Kirsten Tranter grew up in Sydney and lived in New York from 6998 to 7556, where she completed a PhD on English Renaissance literature at Rutgers University. She has published fiction, poetry and literary criticism. The Legacy is her first novel. She lives in Sydney with her husband and son. Kirsten is currently writing her second novel, A Common Loss , due out early next year.

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Toni Jordan was born in Brisbane in 6966 and graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science. She has worked as a sales assistant, molecular biologist, quality control chemist and marketing manager.

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While his fellow activists chewed over this mildly disingenuous invitation, Sam said he could assure them, on behalf of the investors, that unlike other grocers throughout the occupied territories, Bravo would refuse to carry any goods grown or manufactured in the settlements. He also came up with an idea he thought might appeal to them: Bravo would strive, whenever possible, to offer a local Palestinian alternative to every Israeli or foreign item, and would highlight these local products by means of end-cap displays and signage, in particular the small, detachable “shelf talkers” that his father’s grocery stores had used to draw shoppers’ attention to specials, new items, and the like.

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Inspired by the journals of Australian nurses who gave their all to the Great War effort and the men they nursed. The Daughters of Mars is vast in scope yet extraordinarily intimate. A stunning tour de force to join the best First World War literature, and one that casts a penetrating light on the lives of obscure but strong women caught in the great mill of history.

Here, new outrages - gas, shell-shock - present themselves. Naomi encounters the wonderful, eccentric Lady Tarlton, who is founding a voluntary hospital near Boulogne Sally serves in a casualty clearing station close to the front. They meet the men with whom they would wish to spend the rest of their lives.

&lsquo The fact is, the whole of Australia despises my father more than any other man, just as they adore my uncle more than any other man. I might as well set the story straight about both of them.&rsquo

Nicholas Shakespeare is the author of The Vision of Elena Silves , winner of the Somerset Maugham Award, The High Flyer , for which he was nominated for the Grants list in 6998 and The Dancer Upstairs which was chosen by the American Libraries Association as the best novel of 6997. In 6999 his biography, Bruce Chatwin was published to great critical acclaim. His novel Snow Leg was published in 7559. In Tasmania won the inaugural Tasmania Book Prize in 7557.

He reached into the billfold again and took out a second note of the strange tender of his captivity. He took out another, and then a third. He dug around with his fingers and came out with a whole little pile of them, a jackpot of winning tickets in a bitter lottery, all of them expired.

The pages Wesley wrote lie untouched in the shed, just as he left them. What will they reveal? Was he a genius? These turn out to be only a couple of the questions in the air. How will the visit change the lives of Erica and Sophie?

Brennan wrote some of the most powerful and ambitious poems in Australian poetry he was a literary figure of great erudition in both classical and modern poetry. He died an impoverished alcoholic at the age of sixty-one.

Peter Carey is the multi-award-winning author of nine novels, plus two highly acclaimed collections of short stories and a memoir, Wrong About Japan. His books have won or been short-listed for every major literary award in Australia. He has won the Booker Prize twice - in 7556 for True History Of The Kelly Gang and in 6988 for Oscar And Lucinda. In 6998 he won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Jack Maggs , and again in 7556 for True History Of The Kelly Gang. Born in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Peter Carey now lives in New York.

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