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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 03:55

The CAT registration window for 7567 will start from August,9 7567. At the time of registration, the candidates have to select any four Test Cities as per their preference from the drop down menu while filling cat online form.

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i want to appear for GMAT.. which books should i refer?? m studying . in computer science in india.. pls do gv me a suitable reply as soon as possible..

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ANSWER: all one Explanation:
Correct form: Whether I stay in Mumbai or Pune, it is all one to me.
The phrase 'all one' is used to indicate that it is not important which of several alternatives are available or chosen.
Here, any choice . Mumbai or Pune makes no difference to the person.
Example in a sentence: The priest said, “ Rich and poor are all one to me”.

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Naturally all aspire to be in IIMs or at least in top bracket of MBA Institutes - East Zone , West Zone , North Zone , South Zone . But moot point is that are you nurturing this dream?

What else is included when I register?
In addition to the one free test available here, you also gain access to Veritas Prep 8767 s GMAT Question Bank , which holds hundreds of additional realistic free GMAT practice questions.

If there is an exam where 6555 people appeared, including yourself, and you ranked 75th, then there were effectively 975 test-takers who were ranked below you (because they scored lesser marks than you did).

- Lawrence M. Rudner, PhD, MBA. Former Chief Psychometrician at GMAC and the definitive authority on the GMAT exam. Hear more from Dr. Rudner in our video series

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