Anti-Intellectualism in American Life by Richard

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How do the key assertions of Grande, Spring, and Hancock support Pinar 8767 s discussions of 8775 anti-intellectualism 8776 and the need for a 8775 complicated conversation 8776 ?  How do the approaches advocated by Posner & Rudnitsky, Jacobs (article & video), and Villegas & Lucas support arguments for a 8775 complicated conversation 8776 in curricula?

The Problems With The American Anti Intellectualism

The golden eras of the great empires of Greece, Rome, China and India, were marked, in part, by artistic and musical expression, literary and poetic output and philosophical and scientific advancement. These ventures were funded by governments and the wealthy and were celebrated globally.

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Good for you! We are considering homeschooling for this reason, too. I know there are many curriculums to consider. Which brands/authors/publishers in your experience promote rigor and critical thinking?

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In fact, I invite you to take on as your summer reading the astonishingly lengthy list of books that have been removed from the Tucson public school system as part of this wholesale elimination of the Mexican-American studies curriculum. The authors and editors include Isabel Allende, Junot Díaz, Jonathan Kozol, Rudolfo Anaya, bell hooks, Sandra Cisneros, James Baldwin, Howard Zinn, Rodolfo Acuña, Ronald Takaki, Jerome Skolnick and Gloria Anzaldúa. Even Thoreau's Civil Disobedience and Shakespeare's The Tempest received the hatchet.

Anyone who believes that, even in part, needs to read this book. Hofstadter starts the education chapters by disabusing the reader of the idea that any of our current struggles are new. He's writing in an era that's now held up as a superior time for public education, but he documents complaints that sound remarkably familiar dating back to the beginning of public education in America. And then documents the systemic paradox of US education: everyone wants universal, egalitarian education, but the country has never had a firm grasp of the amount of resources doing that properly would require.

Otherwise one could use any function as prove that one exists. But Descartes thought differently, you can doubt any function (like I am thinking) and find other reasons than 'I' for it. Like eating, as that is not intentional and most people are somewhere else with their mind, talking, imaginations and so on.

Surely the humanities are important, and yet, we're studying them less and less. Surely Shakespeare and Rousseau and Austen are important even if English and philosophy majors don't have the same lucrative job options of a financier. And yet, we're fleeing the humanities. The idea that one's education needs to have immediate, direct financial benefits has become common belief.

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In 6968, Richard Hofstadter wrote about anti-intellectualism in the . In 7558, Susan Jacoby updated Hofstadter's work, arguing that the GOP has made the word 'intellectual' taboo, much like "liberal" -- odd for a country whose last 655 years is a history of awe-inspiring technological, scientific and artistic innovation.

Happily, there is pushback occurring against such anti-intellectualism. One of the most vibrant examples is a protest group called Librotraficante, or Book Trafficker. Organised by Tony Diaz, a Houston Community College professor, the group has been caravanning throughout the south-west holding readings, setting up book clubs, establishing "underground libraries," and dispensing donated copies of the books that have been removed from Arizona's public school curriculum. You can donate by visiting .

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