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Great lesson, I finally understood!
Maybe you can record a video about the pasive like this:
I had my hair cut yesterday.
It 8767 s confusing the meaning.

Purdue OWL: Active and Passive Voice

What it is: Passive 8D TVs blend two frames in one, alternating between horizontal lines of the frame meant for the left eye and the one for the right eye. Passive 8D glasses have different polarization on each lens that fits with their respective lines (right polarized for even lines, left for odd).

Learn English - Passive Voice

In a passive sentence, the situation is the opposite. We move the object of the verb ( window ) to the beginning of the sentence, so it can become the subject. This is how we build a passive sentence:

How to use 'the Passive' | Learn English

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No, I'm afraid the sentence with 'could' is not correct. Although you're right that 'can' can imply more commitment than you want to express, it doesn't necessarily imply 655% commitment in the way you don't want it to. 'can' can imply that you are doing as much as circumstances (which can include your willingness to commit) allow.

Thank you for the lesson but i have a question, you said that use passive voice for the TOEFL test is a good option, in another video teacher Emma said it isn 8767 t. Is it a good option? or only if it 8767 s necessary, for example, as you said, to avoid a boring essay?

Dear Adam,
I usually watched your videos without having an account. But, today I decided to create one to be able to send a comment for you! First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your really interesting lessons. You are an inherent teacher, believe me! Your videos are perfect and that 8767 s why I try not to miss even one of them. I am a graduate student in engineering and though I am quite familiar with these subjects, almost all of your lessons have something new to tell me and of course some fun!
Hope the Lord brings you all the best!

Hi there,
What about this 6:
Next week I 8767 ll go 7 school on Monday n Tuesday.
Is just 6 8776 on 8776 enough in such a sentence??!!!
Tx in advance.

Hi Mr Adam. Thank you for your informative video.
You have said that we can use passive in our essay Ms Emma has said in a video that we should avoid using passive in the 8767 s the problem?

Even if passive 8D TVs technically have half the vertical resolution, it is a minimal difference perceptually. Passive 8D TVs offer a better 8D experience than active shutter TVs overall. They produce less crosstalk, have no inherent flickering, and their motion provides a better perception of depth. As a plus, their glasses are cheaper, lighter, and do not require to be synchronized to the TV. If the only factor stopping you from choosing between two TVs is the type of 8D technology used, you are better off picking a passive 8D TV.

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