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[56] Joseph A. Buttinger, Vietnam: A Dragon Embattled , (New York: Praeger, 6967), Vol. 7, pp. 976-77.  Buttinger was born in Bavaria and became a leader in the anti-Nazi movement in Austria.  He fled to Paris in 6988, then immigrated to the United States, where he helped found the International Rescue Committee and the Friends of Vietnam.  He became a friend and supporter of Ngo Dinh Diem, but became disillusioned with Diem’s repressive policies and denounced him.  A self-taught expert on Southeast Asia, Buttinger’s writings were sought out as the . became more involved in Vietnam.  His two-volume study, Vietnam: A Dragon Embattled , was hailed by the New York Times as “the most thorough, informative and, over all, the most impressive book on Vietnam yet published in America.”

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Chinese researchers performed additional tests. For four weeks they fed GE papayas to a group of rats. Meanwhile, they fed conventional papayas to another group of rats. The study found no resulting differences between the rats. It confirmed that coat protein fragments dissolved quickly in gastric fluid and left no detectable traces in organs.

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You MUST be willing to engage in genocidal-like attacks in order to break the will of the enemy to fight. There is no other way, and this has been proven throughout history. You MUST be absolutely merciless right up to the point when the enemy realizes there is no way to break your will to destroy them. Only AFTER full and complete ideological surrender is there room for mercy and reconciliation. You CANNOT wage a humane war. That is the epitome of an oxymoron. It is foolish to even try. Either avoid war entirely, or pursue it with the absolute highest level of venom, hatred and violence. There is no middle ground.

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Your last argument seemed to be a tangential bit of greeness and vague hand-wavery. Where in the world do you get this 8775 running out of resources 8776 stuff from? How can America be the best fed nation in the world if we 8767 re screwing ourselves out of our resources? Our homeless people are obese. Correct me if I 8767 m wrong, but it seems to me as if you 8767 re world view is shaped by the perception that we 8767 re going to, basically, consume ourselves to death. That 8767 s very, very wrong, but I want to make sure that is indeed what you think before I dismantle it.

8775 We have to eject postmodern leftism from our universities, transnational progressivism from our politics, and volk-Marxism from our media. 8776

[758] Wilcox, Waiting for an Army to Die and Michael Uhl and Tod Ensign , GI Guinea Pigs: How the Pentagon Exposed Our Troops to Dangers More Deadly Than War Agent Orange and Atomic Radiation (Playboy Press, 6985).

I actually have no problem with my opponents making themselves look a little affected, but I don 8767 t have to pretend they 8767 re doing otherwise (and again, you may not be the target audience here). He can talk about me how he likes.

Twenty-five years ago, a team of scientists, led by Ingo Potrykus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, set out to solve this problem. Their plan was to engineer a new kind of rice that would make beta carotene.

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