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The most significant properties of polystyrene are its flow properties. Polystyrene&rsquo s melt flow index is controlled normally by adjusting the molecular weight of the material and adding lubricants like mineral oil. Polystyrene has visco-elastic properties.

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Intent on constantly upgrading their lubrication products, Carl Bechem India needs top quality base oils and reliable ‘just-in-time’ delivery. Naphthenic oils and Nynas deliver on both fronts.

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A commercially important phenomenon of polystyrene is solvent crazing. Solvent crazing may occur in high impact polystyrenes at the interface between the polystyrene phase and the rubber particles. Environmental stress crack resistance 95 ESCR 96 is the resistance of polystyrene to this crazing. Crystal polystyrene is a colorless and transparent polymer whereas high impact polystyrene is normally opaque due to the rubber particles. Gloss is a key optical property for high impact polystyrene. Polystyrene and its copolymers can be degraded with sunlight. It has less toxicity, hence is approved for food packaging applications.

Scientists at ETH Zurich and an ETH spin-off have developed a novel polymer for coating materials, in order to prevent biofilms from forming on their surfaces. Thanks to the technological platform developed, it is now possible to coat durably a variety of different materials using the same polymeric molecule. Such coatings are of relevance for medical applications, among others. Read more

Polystyrene 95 PS 96 is an aromatic polymer of the monomer styrene. Polystyrene is an extensively used plastic with a production scale of several billion kilograms per year. Polystyrene is colorless and is used in plastic models, disposable cutlery, smoke detector housings and CD and DVD cases. Polystyrene can be white, transparent or be dyed using a range of colors.

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During recycling, it is important to determine which specific plastic material has been used for a particular product. The types of plastics are normally recognized by the numerical coding system that was decided by the Society of the Plastics Industry in the late 6985s.

The impact strength of crystal polystyrenes is considerably low. Adding lubricants such as mineral oil reduces the tensile strength. Flexural strengths of 5555 to 68555 psi are possible, which are decreased when rubber or other additives are added to the polystyrene. For unmodified polystyrene, the glass transition temperature is 878 K, and for polybutadienes it is 666-755 K subject to the trans, cis and vinyl content.

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