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How many rings can a man wear?  My answer is as many as he can confidently pull off.  For most of us this is one or two rings our wedding ring and perhaps a university or fraternal ring.  We 8767 ve been raised in a society that frowns on showing off success and wealth in this manner.  But there are many men especially travelers and immigrants who can confidently wear 8 to 5 rings and not come off as a sleazy used car salesmen.

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Military Jewelry Warriors have adorned their uniforms with pieces of medal and ribbon for thousands of years.  If this doesn 8767 t dispel the myth that jewelry is feminine, I don 8767 t know what will.

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When in doubt, keep it simple.  Start with a classic leather-strapped silver watch if you regularly wear a watch and can afford it, consider a sportier diving watch with a stainless steel band as well.  Next branch out to tie accessories and cufflinks.

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I personally feel a man should be very careful with decorative bracelets cause bracelets are another story.  Despite their recent overuse, I think if a man is a true advocate of the cause, they are great conversation starters that can lead to greater awareness.  As for survival bracelets well, I have yet to hear a true story of a man surviving on account of his paracord bracelet.  But feel free to enlighten me in the comments.

To further complicate the matter, people can interpret the meaning of the same piece of jewelry very differently.  To some, ornamental rings symbolize success and wealth to others they signal organized crime affiliation.  Here 8767 s a great discussion about this in the Art of Manliness 8767 community forum.

Wedding bands – A common piece of jewelry for over half a century, wedding rings are normally made from gold, silver, and platinum and are simple in design.

An effective introductory paragraph both informs and motivates : it lets readers know what your essay is about and it encourages them to keep reading.

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Blazer Buttons – When a man buys a blazer it normally comes with simple brass buttons.  He then has the option to upgrade them to gold or silver buttons.  Horn and mother of pearl are options here as well, but the key is the blazer jacket is clearly distinguished by the ornamentation of the buttons.

Unfair?  Absolutely, but that’s reality unless you live in a counter-culture friendly city like Austin, Boulder, or Portland.  If your goal is to appear well-dressed and trustworthy to most, look to stay within the bounds of accepted male styles.

My ring is a small silver metal band that maybe cost $75.  Nothing to brag about.   Yet it has been the subject of hundreds of conversations over the last 8 years because of its placement.

Lapel pins – They can be ornamental, collectable, or reveal a group affiliation.  Lapel pins have been around for half a century, although the recent headlines would make you think they originated from American politicians looking to display their patriotism.  Their history actually lies with the USSR and China where portraits of communist leaders were worn to display loyalty.  Nowadays pin designs come in all shapes, colors, and meanings.

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