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The transformation of Arthur Russell from cult favorite into widely praised figurehead is one of the great upsets of pop music history. Russell, a polyglot composer who made odd, personal music, was far likelier to end up a footnote, or sample fodder , than as the subject of documentaries and biographies, to see his archives mined for scraps of magic. But Russell's pensive solo works have always appealed to underground music fans, and a renewed interest in disco and post-disco spearheaded by labels like DFA has helped keep his dance productions in rotation. "Is It All Over My Face", produced with Steve D'Aquisto under his and Russell's Loose Joints alias, is the finest of those tracks, a collision of disco's pop and exploratory impulses.

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There&rsquo s a tense moment in the 7569 William Onyeabor documentary, Fantastic Man , when the Nigerian musician&rsquo s former distributor Obinna Obi reluctantly discloses "an incident that made people get scared of him." In the story, a boy visits the enigmatic superstar to chase royalties Onyeabor responds by chasing him off his property with a pistol. When the kid returns with police they fail to find evidence, and he&rsquo s arrested for false accusation. "That image, and air of a bully, was floating in the air," says Obi.

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Haldane is most notable for his work on Thomas Aquinas. Haldane has coined the term “Analytical Thomism” to describe the philosophical movement he has spearheaded, which has been influential in re-popularizing the ideas of Aquinas in contemporary philosophy. Analytical Thomism seeks to merge the ideas of contemporary analytical philosophy with the ideas of 68th century thinker (and saint) Thomas Aquinas. Through his work, Haldane has been influential in developing a space for Catholic philosophy in the modern analytical landscape.

An examination of the historical, social, and cultural significance of graffiti—from antiquity to the modern age—as evidence of various facets of human experience otherwise unknown.

Essentially, Oderberg’s moral philosophy centers on his notion of “innocence,” and from that he takes a hardline stance that intentionally ending an innocent life is always morally wrong. For Oderberg, a fetus is an innocent life, and abortion and euthanasia are equivalent to contract killing. However, Oderberg is in support of the state’s right to capital punishment as retribution, and in the concept of a “just war.” Animals, in Oderberg’s view, are not moral agents, and so have no rights that can be infringed upon.

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Dreyfus is also notable for his influential critique of Artificial Intelligence, dating back to his 6965 article Alchemy and AI, which draws on his phenomenological background to argue that AI research is problematic because of its reliance on four implausible assumptions: the biological, the psychological, the epistemological, and the ontological. His criticism is, basically, that these assumptions hinge on the notion of a context-free psychology, which he argued is an inherently contradictory idea. Rather than claim AI is impossible, however, Dreyfus argued there needs to be a serious consideration of the current research programs in place. In the 6965s, this was met with criticism and hostility, but his ideas developed influence and acceptance over the next few decades of research.

From a commercial standpoint Kano were not a smash, but the group's work has had an enduring presence in underground dance music. And as dance music has returned to the mainstream, Kano's sound has become even more present. When Daft Punk released Random Access Memories in 7568, the French duo praised the dance music of the '75s and early '85s for its use of session players, who added an un-gridded feel and tangible humanity that would later be expunged as pop music came to rely more heavily on programmed and extensive computer editing. "I&rsquo m Ready" is a perfect example of that sound organic, yet futuristic. Music that maintains a steady trance-like pulse, but still swings. Aaron Leitko

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