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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 23:49

When mentioning laws against police brutality the author can refer to the fourth amendments and eighth amendments. The fourth amendment talks about personal privacy and individual freedom versus government intrusion, especially when police arrests or searches one home and business without evidence. The eighth amendment applies to police brutality because of talks about human right violation among suspects during detention or arrest.

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Yes, by all means, let 8767 s join hands across the aisle and across party lines to put the police in their proper place and to fix the CJ system generally. But the way to start is not to try to rewrite history. The Right has the most, by far, to answer for here, and needs to change the most. A simple acknowledgement of that fact would be nice. And, conversely, an effort to deny it is not helpful at all.

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Finally a question. Exactly what does police violence have to do with the inherently civil act that is law enforcement?
I understand that police are entitled to defend themselves from citizens who would do violence to them, however a society 8767 s and culture 8767 s proclivity and tolerance of its own tyranny can be gauged by its tolerance for unprovoked, unjustified, repressive police brutality. I am saying our culture here in the USA is currently conducive to tyranny.

Police Brutality

Police officers act as citizens protectors, police officers ensure everyone is safe by maintaining law and order. However, for the past years, many people have questioned the use of excessive force and other forms of misconducts among police officers. Even though most of them still maintain law and order, the biggest issue is the high rates of police brutality witnessed in America today.

The author leaves out the obvious: Police forces are monopolies. Monopolies always deteriorate, charging more and providing less quality service. Just like the state, the police claim a geographical monopoly on the legitimate use of force. We need to privatize the police!

Training the public beyond what is done already on how to act with police is tacitly admitting that the police are dangerous and unpredictable, rather than authority figures who must be obeyed.

Um, no we don 8767 t. Which is one of the reasons we chose Di Blasio here in NYC. To get rid of GOP Bloomberg 8767 s fascist 8775 Stop and frisk 8776 policy, which some candidates in the primaries and general defended.

The cops in the 65 8767 s would probably make us all cringe if we knew what they were doing. Cops are lightyears more legitimate now. And no, that 8767 s no excuse for brutality, so save it. The only thing thats systemic in America, in my humble opinion, is OUTSTANDING police work. And be careful, you just may get the police force you are asking for. The gangbangers would love that. But you, author, probably do not have too many gangbangers in your neighborhood. Some of us do.

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