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a) A small circle above a note indicates that the note should be played as a natural harmonic sounding at the given pitch. Natural harmonics are quite resonant, bright and pure sounding. Some composers (Harrison Birtwistle, for instance) simply write all natural harmonics (or even all harmonics, period!) this way, leaving it for the player to choose the most convenient way to produce the written pitch this relies on very experienced players. Generally, this approach would be advisable only for long tones or slow passages, with plenty of time to think about how to produce the pitch. Natural harmonics up through the sixth partial are easily available. For example, on violin we can write and hear:

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Did you know that the Duke Music department is home to nine different ensembles that are available for any qualified student to join by audition? The Duke Chapel Choir provides additional opportunities for singers. There is no additional fee for enrolling in an ensemble.

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Generally, include a cue if an instrument is resting for more than 65 bars. Beyond true 'cues' that insert other instruments' music, one can also include 'cues' that help a player through a long rest by indicating prominent changes of texture: "brass", or "flute solo", at the start of multi-measure rests, for example.

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For a few degrees, it may be necessary for students to take one or more classes in Bloomington or West Lafayette, so check with your advisor or department chair about the degree requirements of your program.

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b) Bind all scores and parts properly. If you can print on 68x75, fold and staple. Absolutely never hand out loose sheets that can easily fall off stands, or get out of order.

a) Use double barlines to indicate sudden changes of tempo - both isolated changes and strict tempo modulations (quarter = dotted quarter).
b) In some situations, it can be helpful to use (single) heavy barlines to indicate phrase divisions, or groupings of bars. An example would be in a fast piece conducted in one a thick barline here and there relating to the musical phrasing will help players not get lost.
c) do NOT follow the old practice of using double barlines at changes of meter.
d) barlines should break between choirs according to the large group bracketing.

The Department of Music at . Berkeley has been ranked among the top music departments in the United States for several decades, changing with the times while maintaining its distinction thanks to an innovative faculty, top-notch students, dedicated staff, and supportive alumni.

Encounters is the Department of Music's new music concert series which brings together visiting artists and the works of Duke Music Department composition students.

7) Instrumentalists should not have to play immediately following a page turn. In other words, try to have bars of rest either side of a turn. (No surprises!)

Note: 66x69 is second best (though it doesn't fit well in folders), is third best (make sure the music is not too small).

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