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6. How is Meursault’s boss when Meursault returns from his mother’s funeral? 7. In France and Algeria, as well as other countries, until quite recently,

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In America, Baldwin had friends, relatives, acquaintances, whom he could relate to for being black. Though there was always the threat of physical pain in America, the village was all about his mental state of being. Here he had no one. He was all alone in an unknown world to him. Regardless of knowing and not knowing, it seems as if Baldwin 8767 s life was better back n America. Here he could be himself and not have to worry about someone thinking of him as an object.

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Contradictory, irrational, weird these are the appropriate adjectives to assign to the phenomenon of racism we too often, and to our detriment, regard as something rational, to be dealt with linearly, bluntly. When it comes to race in America, the story is, as Mr. Moore himself discovered, always more complex. The most peculiar, most fantastic story I heard during the 7558 election prepared me for what would take place in America over the next few years—not a sudden awakening from a history of racism, but a mere recess from it not a lunacy cured, but a madman’s revelatory wink: he knows this is madness, but he is committed to it, nevertheless

Racism is neither simple nor rational. Why, then, do we so often seek to treat it as if it were? Naïvely, we talk about racism and its eventual overcoming, as if this overcoming could be effected via a simple, linear progression: a shift, however painful, from old ways to new an evolution from unenlightened views to enlightened ones. But the history of racism in America will never unfold linearly it will never move through the understandable narrative stages—beginning to climax, denouement to glorious, redemptive conclusion.

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The author also speaks about the American Negro and how unlike other black people in the world the American Negro has no other history than slavery, their past was taken right from them, at one blow. He asserts that the future is the only thing the American Negro has,

Baldwin sounds depressed throughout almost the entire essay. His tone is very shallow and he doesn 8767 t seem to have enjoyed his time in the village. He was a 8775 sight to see 8776 for the village. They had never seen a black person before. They didn 8767 t know what he was. It was as if he were in a but he was the caged animal, at the mercy of the village to see and observe. I can see where he would get depressed, in a village like this he has no one to relate to. There 8767 s no other colored people, no one who has experienced what he had in America.

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