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Brafton’s copywriting services remain its foundation, even as we’ve expanded into every aspect of content marketing strategy. Combining industry-focused content writers who excel at nailing tone, style and subject matter with experienced content marketing strategists and project managers, Brafton ensures you can count on a copywriting services team that speaks to your target audience, drives commercial results and sticks to your deadlines.

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Additionally, remember that you 8767 re a business. Think of yourself as one, and suddenly you 8767 ll have no choice but to take marketing yourself seriously. To help you remember that you 8767 re a business, do things that drive that point home. Such as making your home workspace feel like an office: if you 8767 re in the guest bedroom, take the bed out if you 8767 re in a cubby off the kitchen, tell your family that your 8775 virtual door 8776 is closed from 8am to 6pm.

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“Robyn is an outstanding copywriter and the best website writer I know. She has a gift for putting the right degree of sales spin on any subject. I always learn a lot when I work with her, beginning with my writing a column for a newsletter that she did a superb job of editing. In fact, I first met Robyn after I wrote a fan letter for one of her great newsletter articles.”

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Discussion This is where you review your own research in relation to the wider context in which it is located. You can refer back to the rationale that you gave for your research in the literature review, and discuss what your own research has added.

And the citations all came from textbooks, not real sources. Oddly, this paper also used British spellings behaviour for no apparent reason. But all in all not terrible, considering it was free. m, purely on style points, was my favorite site. The name comes from.

With your help, we 8767 ll learn about your business, your customers, your values and your goals and create copy that is concise, focused, clear and perfectly aligned to your brand.

I asked the Word Doc to revise marketing materials. …Beverly came back with edits to a brochure in record time. She not only captured the spirit of my … efforts, she also made…background information interesting to read. Such material can be deadly. I would recommend her company to anyone seeking effective communication.

I would like to have a copywriter assist with being a second eye for a vanity book I am writing but after that experience I keep reading about copywriting and copy editing hoping to get a readable copy out there.

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