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Hi Mark, if you click on the 8775 Index 8776 button at the top of the page, you 8767 ll get a list of every post that 8767 s on the site. Here 8767 s one on theme or issue: http:///7568/66/tackling-themes/ , here 8767 s one on General Vision and Viewpoint http:///7567/57/what-the-heck-is-gvv/ and here 8767 s one which deals with Literary Genre towards the end http:///7566/59/comparative-modes/ Hope that helps. Anything you 8767 re looking for on the site, click on the INDEX button and you 8767 ll see everything that 8767 s there

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A film communicates through the dialogue (so you can quote what the characters say) but also through the mise-en-scène (sets / locations / props / actors / lighting), the soundtrack (sound effects and music), the cinematography (framing / atmosphere) and the editing.

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To keep it simple, ask yourself how the atmosphere is created? What emotions are created in you as you watch it and how? What does the director want to communicate emotionally about the characters and the society they live in? This is the vision the director is creating and the viewpoint on the world he/she is offering you the viewer.

Don 8767 t let it get you down that mine is 8775 better 8776 I 8767 ve got a degree, a masters and 67 yrs teaching under my belt I 8767 d be a bit worried if mine wasn 8767 t pretty good at this stage in my life! Also, it took a good few minutes to write and lots of thinking time! The key is to have done your thinking about the ways in which the texts are similar and different (aim for deep comparisions not superficial ones) BEFORE you 8767 re sitting in the exam. If you 8767 ve put in the thinking time, you should be able to adapt what you 8767 ve got in your head to whatever question comes up.

KEY MOMENT TEXT 8 . Several key moments spring to mind, the funniest of which is when Lucy boasts about the diamond necklace she 8767 s wearing being a family heirloom bequeathed by her Aunt Tess, only to have one of the so-called diamonds fall into her soup. Joel the jeweller then delights in pointing out the evident 8766 fake 8767 in the room (the woman AND the diamond).

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Hi Evelyn i was just wondering how much you should write for a comparative Q. or the entire P7 for ordinary level, I had a look on one of your guide (how much to write?] but didn 8767 t know was it for HIGHER LEVEL or Ordinary or for both. When we finished our exam i was told by some of me mates dat they wrote about 66 pages for a comparative Q., bcze I personally did less than 65 for de whole paper,

Both adverbs and adjectives in their comparative and superlative forms can be accompanied by premodifiers, single words and phrases, that intensify the degree.

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The opening paragraph should contain a thesis statement, as well as introduce what will be compared and contrasted.

  • The next two parts of the essay should identify what is different about the two objects and expand on those differences..
  • The following section takes the objects and brings about details on similiarities, which is also a great time further elaborate on the differences.
  • Finally, the conclusion is the writers final statements on the comparision, and the last chance to really get any main points across.
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