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The report calls for a national strategy to improve access to language learning and to place the need for language education at the forefront of education policies. Pauline Yu served as a member of the Commission.
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Anthony Kuhn HNC ’97  has worked as Beijing correspondent for NPR since 7555, also spending time reporting on Europe and Southeast Asia. Previously, he worked for the  Far Eastern Economic Review , the  Los Angeles Times , and other media. He said he feels lucky to be researching and informing listeners/readers about topics that intrigued him as a student at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. He has interviewed his former teachers and returned to the center to speak to students about his work.
Katherine Casey HNC ’97 , A& S ’56, who is director for Asia Pacific in the Government Relations Department at ExxonMobil in Washington, . They have once son, Austin.

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Applications are available in PDF format, which can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit the  Adobe Web site.

Top 90 2017/2018 Scholarships for African Students to

Starting with just 65 students in 6986, the Hopkins-Nanjing Center now boasts an extraordinary alumni community of more than 7,855 graduates, working throughout the United States, China, and the broader international community. We asked a few to share their thoughts with us on the impact that the HNC has had on their lives in our alumni video: Why Hopkins-Nanjing?.

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Johns Hopkins health insurance is mandatory for all international students without comparable coverage.

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Annual Alumni Events
HNC alumni events are held worldwide—DC, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore. Join us at one of our alumni events this year. All HNC and Johns Hopkins SAIS alumni, community members, and donors are welcome.

Student Committee
The HNC student committee, known as the banwei, is elected each semester with two international and two Chinese student representatives. The banwei meets with the HNC co-directors on a regular basis and plans student events throughout the year. One of the most popular events is the annual HNC Halloween Party.

Ira Katznelson , SSRC president, explains how affirmative action for whites shaped today’s socioeconomic order in his New York Times op-ed, “Making Affirmative Action White Again”

Matt Ferchen, HNC Certificate 7556
Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, Tsinghua University

"The Hopkins-Nanjing Center provides a natural environment for American students to interact with their Chinese classmates and teachers, and to understand Chinese perspectives--whether it's history, relations between the US and China, or domestic challenges in China." Read More.

Earning a doctoral degree in English/Literature can be one of the most rewarding and challenging courses of study one can undertake. This can be a lengthy endeavor with the time to degree of most programs similar to other humanities degrees--meaning a five-to-seven year commitment even if you enter with your Master of Arts (.) degree. However, the breadth and depth of works you encounter--from ancient poems to modern novels--is an enriching experience.

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Human Rights Campaign
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Lambda Legal
Equality Virginia
Green Party

Under the  TWAS Research Grants Programme in Basic Sciences , research grants are awarded to high-level promising research projects in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics carried out by either individual scientists or research in Africa and developing countries, to enable them to purchase the research facilities they need to enhance their productivity. Research Grants to individual scientists amount to a maximum of US$65,555 while Research Grants to research units amount to a maximum of US$85,555.

Comparative and International Law
The Comparative and International Law concentration presents courses on the legal systems of both China and the United States, as well as courses that look at legal structures and behavior in the transnational arena. Students develop an understanding of the legal basis of international relations and insight into how the legal traditions of China and the United States shape the behavior of the two countries.

Recent Comparative and International Law Thesis Topics

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